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Save Up to 30%

Things To Look Out For In A BTO Renovation Package


Know Your Budget (& Design)

Knowing your spending limit and having an ideal concept in mind can save a lot of time and effort during your
renovation journey.Check the work that will be completed in the renovation package (that’s where our check-list above comes in handy!) and planning for additional upgrades will be a good start. If need to, you can al-ways seek for professional financial advice.

Getting the Right Package for Your Home

Each BTO package is usually meant for only the particular type of BTO homes. The work in the packages are
usually stated clearly, and materials are only sufficient for that unit. Therefore, it will not be wise if you try to save by selecting a cheaper option (such as getting a 3-room package for your 4-room BTO home). If you plan to do a resale flat renovation, it is important to talk to us FIRST as the work required is different. We will have a thorough discussion with every potential client to know their needs before recommending the ACTUAL COST CALCULATION.


Keeping Costs Low

You can keep the cost of the renovation low, especially for entire BTO home renovation, by focusing on select areas to renovate. Instead of having custom carpentry works for all parts of the home, we can advice you on decorations that makes your room look “custom designed”, such as subtle details like a painted wall.


Free Consultation For  BTO Renovation Packages

XIN HUI CONSTRUCTION&RENOVATION PTE LTD  offers 3-room, 4-room and 5-room BTO renovation package for new homeowners in Singapore. Talk to us and share with us your ideas and plans with our free consultation today.

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